Cargo Van Power: Gas or Diesel?

By: Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted: May 15th 2006 9:12AM
For many years, the diesel engine has been the standard power plant in straight trucks and tractors, but for the cargo van owner-operator, the choice is gas or diesel. The question of which type of engine provides the best performance, economy and longevity remains and the cargo van manufacturers (GM and Ford) keep the issue alive by offering both gas and diesel options....

Cargo Van Pro: Tire Tips

By: Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted: Jun 24th 2006 8:28AM
When you think about it, your tires are the only part of your vehicle that contacts the road (hopefully), so your very safety is riding on them. By giving those tires a little TLC, it will pay dividends in a safer, more comfortable ride, improve the handling of your van, give you better fuel economy and increase the life of your tires....

Big Comfort in a Cargo Van

By: Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted: Feb 24th 2006 7:35AM
The main concern for cargo van expediters has typically been, "How do I fit a bunk into this small amount of space and still carry two skids or other bulky cargo?" With today's professional conversions, the "B" unit driver can now choose between a spartan conversion with the basics of a bunk and storage compartments to a conversion that is close to the comfort levels of the bigger trucks, albeit on a smaller scale....

The Sprinter: Four years down the road

By: Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted: Jun 14th 2005 9:37PM
Undoubtedly, the leading feature that caught the eye of the North American expediting van owners was the size of the cargo area in the Sprinter. For the first time, cargo van drivers had access to a Big 3-type vehicle with stand-up height without the addition of a "turtle-top" and in a package under 10,000 pounds GVW....

A package deal on a Sprinter van

By: Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted: Nov 16th 2004 6:01AM
Express-1 of Buchanan, Michigan has been in the vanguard of acceptance of the Freightliner/Dodge Sprinter van. The company has welcomed Sprinter owner-operators and due to this van's increased cargo capacity, it offers those Sprinter drivers better rates for specific loads over that of the typical cargo van. Or, as Express-1 recruiter Scott Hancock states, "Our Sprinters live in a world between the B and C units." To assist the new Express-1 owner-operator in finding and ...

The Cargo Van - Where it All Began

By: Lee Kurtzmann - Associate Editor
Posted: Dec 11th 2003 3:18AM
In 1961 Ford introduced a new Forward Control vehicle called Econoline. The totally new body was unitized and functioned also as the chassis frame to which the running gear was attached. And, instead of putting the engine in the rear like the VW, its placement was between the front seats, over the front axle. This allowed the use of existing drive train components....

Living Large in a Van: Cargo Van Sleepers

By: Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted: Jun 20th 2003 7:02AM
It's not your father's cargo van! The owner/operators and drivers of expediting cargo vans now have a wealth of options when it comes to choosing a sleeper for their truck - from modestly equipped to fully-tricked out with all the conveniences that will fit. ...

The future of cargo vans in expediting Part II

By: Jeff Jensen - Editor
Posted: Mar 19th 2003 8:00AM
This topic is one that has been highlighted in previous articles. In April 2000, Expediters presented an article, "The future of vans in expediting", which addressed the same concerns of today's owner/operators. We present comments from both expediting owner/operators and the carriers for your analysis....

Sprinter Owners Report - In Their Own Words

By: Jeff Jensen
Posted: Oct 20th 2002 6:00AM
This vehicle has garnered a fair amount of attention in the last couple of years; this versatile van has found its niche in expediting, delivery, and vocational work. Find out what the owners themselves have to say about their trucks....

A Sprinter hits the expediting road

By: Jeff Jensen
Posted: Dec 10th 2001 7:00AM
Alan Gordy just made the move from a big truck to a cargo van, but it's still a Freightliner....

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