Living Large in a Van: Cargo Van Sleepers

By: Jeff Jensen, Editor
Posted: Jun 20th 2003 7:02AM
It's not your father's cargo van! The owner/operators and drivers of expediting cargo vans now have a wealth of options when it comes to choosing a sleeper for their truck - from modestly equipped to fully-tricked out with all the conveniences that will fit. ...

The future of cargo vans in expediting Part II

By: Jeff Jensen - Editor
Posted: Mar 19th 2003 8:00AM
This topic is one that has been highlighted in previous articles. In April 2000, Expediters presented an article, "The future of vans in expediting", which addressed the same concerns of today's owner/operators. We present comments from both expediting owner/operators and the carriers for your analysis....

Sprinter Owners Report - In Their Own Words

By: Jeff Jensen
Posted: Oct 20th 2002 6:00AM
This vehicle has garnered a fair amount of attention in the last couple of years; this versatile van has found its niche in expediting, delivery, and vocational work. Find out what the owners themselves have to say about their trucks....

A Sprinter hits the expediting road

By: Jeff Jensen
Posted: Dec 10th 2001 7:00AM
Alan Gordy just made the move from a big truck to a cargo van, but it's still a Freightliner....

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